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All the notices were in PDF Format. You must install Acrobat Reader to view the notices

​Notice No.​Title​Issue Date​Cancellation Date
​60/2017Muara Water Quality Survey
​22nd December
​1st April 2018
​58/2017Safety Of Navigation Warning: Closure Of Kianggeh Jetty
​20th December
​57/2017Pacific Interpid RIG move
​17th December
​18th December
​56/2017Hydrographic Survey Muara-Temburong
​8th December
​22nd December
​55/2017Safety Of Navigation - Notification Regarding The Location Of Vessels Being Sunk Namely Wira Samudra 1 (Fish Trawler) And LCT Dolphin 88
​4th December
​54/2017Pulau Muara Besar Bridge Steel Pile Cutting Works
​27th November
23rd March 2018
​53/2017Muara Water Survey
​21st November
​15th March 2018
​52/2017​Works On The TERAS FORTRESS 2 Vessel From AMDP15 To CPWA07-Jacking Operations And Sea Passage
​14th November
​21st November
​51/2017​Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River
​14th November
​27th November
​50/2017​Cancel Notice To Mariners No: 45/2017 (T) "Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River"
​14th November
​49/2017​The Use Of Muara Port Water Area For The 28 Series Of Self-Esteem Challenge Progran Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD) Corrective To Notice To Mariners No: 48/2017 (T)
​14th November
​23rd November
​48/2017​The Use of Muara Port Water Area for the 28 Series of Self-Esteem Challenge Program Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD)9th November​23rd November​
​47/2017Works On Moving And Transfering Platform Location
​3rd November
9th November
​46/2017Notice On The Temporary Closure Of Kuala Belait Channel, Belait River, Negara Brunei Darussalam Waters
​3rd November
​6th November
​45/2017Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River
​3rd November
​20th November
​44/2017Cancel Notice To Mariners No: 42/2017 (T) "Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River"
​3rd November
​43/2017Bathymetric Survey Along Sungai Temburong River
31st October​15th November​
​42/2017​Notice on the Closure of Brunei River​31st October​20th November
​41/2017Seagrass Survey (Muara)26th October​​2nd November
40/2017​SKD Pelaut Rig Move19th October​​28th October
​39/2017Notice On The Closure of Brunei River in Conjunction With Boat Race (subject to changes)19th October​30th October​
​38/2017Enduro Jet Ski Race Kuala Belait​17th October​30th October
​37/2017​Gold Coast 2018 Queen Baton Relay​16th October​25th October
​36/2017​Safety Zone for 14th October 2017 Fireworks Display14th October​​15th October
​35/2017Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River
​4th October
15th October​
​34/2017Notice On The Temporary Closure Of Brunei River
​28th September
​30th September
​33/2017Notice On The Temporary Closure Of Muara Channel
11th September​​18th September
​32/2017Notice On The Royal Brunei Navy Exercise
​9th September
​15th September
​31/2017Bridge Structure Construction (Kota Batu)
28th August​2nd January 2019​
​30/2017​SPM Maintenance Works (Lumut Waters)​23rd August​28th October
​29/2017Seagrass & Coral Survey (Muara)
​15th August
1st November​
​28/2017Maersk Completer Rig Move Corrective To Notice To Mariners No: 27/2017 (T)
​12th August
​22nd August
​27/2017Maersk Completer Rig Move
​8th August
​22nd August
​26/2017Lewek Conquerer Rig Move
​7th August
​18th August
​25/2017Notice On The Closure Of Brunei River in Conjunction With The Traditional Boat Race
​31st July
​14th August
​24/2017Teras Fortress 2 Rig Move
​25th July
8th August​
​23/2017Rig Move and Anchor Handling Operation Works
​15th June
​18th June
​22/2017Hydrography Survey At Muara Waters (Extrended)
​20th May
​1st July
​21/2017Hose Change Works (Lumut Waters)
​18th May
​29th May
​20/2017Dredging Works (At Sungai Kedayan)
​17th May
27th May 2018
​19/2017Demolition And Construction Of Kampong Ayer Bridge
16th May​1st November​
​18/2017​Piling Installation Work At Pulau Muara Besar (Coal Jetty)​10th May​11th December
​17/2017​Sediment Flux Survey
8th May​1st Novem​ber
​16/2017Pipeline Installation Towards Rasau Beach
8th May​18th May​
​15/2017Hydrography Survey At Muara Waters
​20th April
​15th May
​14/2017Sembilang Exercise 12/2017 Series
​20th April
28th April​
​13/2017SKD Pelaut Rig Move​30th March​20th April
​12/2017Jati Diri Challenge Programme (Amended)29th March​13th April​
​11/2017Water Current Survey At Lumut Area
​21st March
​1st September
​10/2017Jati Diri Challenge Program  18th March​29th March
​09/2017Enduro Jet Ski Race
​1st March
​20th March
​08/2017Rig Move (Pacific Interpid)​18th February​26th February
​07/2017Dredging works (extended)
​14th February
​1st April
​06/2017​Jetty Construction Work at Western Site of Pulau Muara Besar​6th February​8th May
​05/2017Muara Water Quality Survey
​18th January
​1st January 2018
​04/2017SKD Pelaut Rig Move
​11th January
​24th January
​03/2017Extensive Sungai Brunei Water Quality Survey​9th January​1st September
Crane Dismantle Operation at Sungai Kebun Bridge​7th January​23th January
01/2017​Notice on the closure of Brunei River i​n conjunction with boat race 2017
​5th January
​9th January