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​No​TitleIn-force Date​​Gazette Date
Notification No.
​1Merchant Shipping(MS) Enactment, 1982 - MS (Special Limits Passenger Ships)  Safety Regulations, 198427.08.198401.09.1984S24
​2Merchant Shipping, 1982 - MS (Non-Conventional Ships) Safety Regulations, 1984  27.08.198401.09.1984S28
​3Merchant Shipping , 1982 - MS (Fees) Rules, 198412.12.198431.12.1984S46
Merchant Shipping, 1982 - MS (Prescribed Forms), 1984
​5Merchant Shipping, 1982 - MS ( Harbour and Pleasure Craft) Regulations, 198415.01.198628.06.1986S4
​6Merchant Shipping  (Safety Zones) Order 1988 01.03.1988 28.05.1988 S11
​7Merchant Shipping Enactment, 1982  - MS (Licensing of Shipbuilders) Regulations, 1988 01.03.198815.10.1988S23
​8Merchant Shipping (Registration of Government Ships) Regulations, 198801.10.198804.02.1989S6
​9Merchant Shipping (Examination Fees) Regulation, 198901.03.198918.03.1989S29
​10Merchant Shipping  (Safety Zones) (Amendment) Order 1991 01.09.1991 28.09.1991 S27
​11Merchant Shipping Order, 200216.05.2002 10.06.2002 S27
​12Ports Act (Amendment) Order, 2002 16.05.2002 01.06.2002 S26
​13Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping) Regulations, 200201.08.200207.10.2002S54
​14Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention) Regulations, 200301.12.200327.12.2003S57
​15Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention) (Amendment) Regulations, 2004 
​16Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping) (Amendment) Regulations, 200425.09.200412.10.2004S67
​17Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Order, 200528.03.2005 09.04.2005 S18
​18Merchant Shipping (Registration of Ships) Regulations, 200611.05.200618.05.2006S62
​19Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations, 200611.05.200618.05.2006S61
​20Merchant Shipping (Compoundable Offences) Regulations, 200709.04.200728.04.2007S19
​21Merchant Shipping (Crew Accommodation) Regulations, 200709.04.200728.04.2007S20
​22Merchant Shipping (Disciplinary Offences) Regulations, 200709.04.200728.04.2007S21
​23Merchant Shipping (Returns of Births and Deaths) Regulations, 200709.04.200728.04.2007S22
​24Merchant Shipping (Repatriation) Regulations, 200709.04.200728.04.2007S23
​25Maritime Offences (Ships and Fixed Platforms) Order, 2007 17.12.2007 22.12.2007 S61
​26Merchant Shipping (Loadline) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007 S74
​27Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Collision at Sea) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S75
​28Merchant Shipping (Crew Agreements, Lists of Crew and Discharge of Seamen) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S67
​29Merchant Shipping (Seaman’s Wages and Account) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S68
​30Merchant Shipping (Seaman’s Allotment) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S69
​31Merchant Shipping (Provisions and Water) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S70
​32Merchant Shipping (Property of Deceased Seaman) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S71
​33Merchant Shipping (Official Log Books) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S72
​34Merchant Shipping (Discharge Books) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S73
​35Merchant Shipping (Authorised Organisations) Regulations, 200722.12.200731.12.2007S76
​36Merchant Shipping (Civil Liability and Compensation For Oil Pollution ) Order, 200817.04.200819.04.2008 S54
​37Merchant Shipping (Civil Liability And compensation For Oil Pollution) (Compulsory Insurance) Order 200802.07.200828.07.2008S63
​38Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Oil) Regulations, 200826.8.200809.09.2008S93
​39Merchant Shipping (Medical Stores) Regulations, 200814.08.200823.08.2008S76
​40Merchant Shipping (Safety Zones) (Amendment) Order,2013S70
​41Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Noxious Liquid Substances) Regulations, 200811.12.200813.12.2008S121
​42Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Reporting of Pollution Incidents) Regulations, 200813.12.200811.12.2008S122
​43Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Garbage) Regulations, 200813.12.200811.12.2008S123
​44Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Authorised Organisations) Regulations, 200813.12.200811.12.2008​S124
​45Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Compoundable Offences) Regulation, 200813.12.200811.12.2008S125
46​Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Order 200927.04.200923.05.2009S23
​47Merchant Shipping (Registration of Fishing Vessel and Pleasure Craft) Regulation 201115.09.201126.09.2011S52
​48Merchant Shipping (Registration of Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Craft) (Amendment) Regulations, 2016