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Public Relations Unit Responds
The Public Relations Unit wishes to thank PA28 for his/her opinion as published in the Opinion column of the Borneo Bulletin dated 14th October 2017.

We fully appreciates the concerns expressed by the writer with regards to the current circumstances and challenges faced by the Department of Civil Aviation, particularly at the Air Traffic Services Section. 

DCA is making every effort to ensure that there is adequate pool of Air Traffic Controllers in the country to work at the Air Traffic Services Section.  However, this continues to be a  challenge as Brunei Darussalam is dependent on overseas institutions to provide the necessary qualifications and training.

The Department of Civil Aviation has previously been recruiting qualified Bruneians to work with the Air Traffic Services Section with the provision that these officers will be trained overseas to obtain the relevant qualifications and licences to practice as Air Traffic Controller.  To provide  opportunities for these trainings, the officers of the Department of Civil Aviation are relying on the provisions of in-service training scheme available under the Department of Civil Service.

 Throughout the years under this program, the DCA continues to experience challenges as not all the newly-recruited  officers were able to acquire the necessary qualifications and licences, in line with the training program as planned by the DCA.

In this regards, the DCA has undertaken the following measures:-

i. Improving the Scheme of Service for Air Traffic Controllers with revised salary and remuneration package.  This measure will hopefully help in the current effort to retain officers to serve in the Air Traffic Services Section;  

ii. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the  DCA has introduced the Air Traffic Controllers scholarships scheme.  Under this program, the scholars will only be guaranteed of employment as Air Traffic Controller upon obtaining the necessary qualifications and practicing licence.  This will in effect change the old system of having to employ the officers first before sending them to attend the relevant training overseas;  

iii. DCA also welcomes the retiring officers to extend their service on contract basis for as long as their service are required;  

iv. Recruitment of foreign Air Traffic Controllers on contract basis.  In view of the urgency of the matter, the Department of Civil Aviation has been working with the Public Service Commission to expedite the recruitment of foreign Air Traffic Controllers; and

v. In addition to the current level of manpower, the Air Traffic Services Section is also supported by three Air Traffic Controllers from the Ministry of Defence, who are currently undergoing On the Job Training with the DCA.



​We refer to the opinion in the Borneo Bulletin on 9th September 2017 made by “Post Office Regular” on the delivery of parcels, and thank the writer for his/her support and suggestions on the improvement of postal services.   

3.1 Some items or packages are required to be collected at the post office in order to fulfill the procedure for Customs Declaration.  This is normally the case when the package is believed to contain controlled products or dutiable items and / or items that require prior approvals.

3.2 In some circumstances, the collection advice card is given when the recipient is unavailable to receive the item at the delivery address.

3.3 On tracking system of items, the public may wish to know that the tracking information does not include the cargo and forwarding services.  Regretfully, the Postal Services Department continues to experience delay in receiving tracked items due to limited cargo services and connectivity between the country of origin and Brunei Darussalam.

In this regard, the Postal Services Department continues to make every effort to look for the right solutions to improve connectivity, including the possibility of establishing a strategic location as a focal point for collection of cargoes before delivery to Brunei Darussalam.  This will include, among others, the establishment of virtual post and office of exchange.

The public may wish to know that delaying delivery of items received from overseas is not in Post Offices’ interests as it may create undesireable backlogs of mails and parcels at the Mail Processing Centre.

3.4 To further improve its services, the Postal Services Department has installed a domestic mail tracking system which is currently operational to monitor the delivery of Express Mail Services.

3.5 The Postal Services Department welcomes the suggestion on notifications for recipients made through short messaging systems. In this regards, we encourage recipients to provide their mobile phone numbers for easier notifications.

For any further clarification, the Postal Services Department welcomes the writer to contact the officer in charge at the following address:-

Head of Operations

Mail Processing Centre

Old Airport Road

Berakas BB3510

Brunei Darussalam

Telephone Number: 2384423


​This measure is undertaken to ensure that the dropping-off zone is available at all time for the convenience of every users and the public in general.  The bollards are arranged in such a way that it will allow a much safer and spacious lane for drop off as well as handling of baggages and preventing vehicles from prolonged waiting and parking in the area.

We appeal to all members of the public to observe the new measure in order to ensure the safe and smooth flow of traffic for the benefit of all.


Reference to the opinion by the ‘Concerned Fisherman’ regarding the new regulations for boat trailers, published in the Borneo Bulletin’s Opinion Page on Wednesday, 20th September 2017.

The Public Relations Unit wishes to thank the views expressed through various media and fully appreciates the concerns regarding the requirement for special driving licences and insurance coverage for boat trailers.

The Public Relations Unit wishes to inform the members of the public that this requirement has existed in the Road Traffic Act (Chapter 68) since 1956, and amended in 2007. 

The Land Transport Department welcomes drivers with driving proficiency and skills for boat trailers to contact the Land Transport Department at 2451980 extension 510/511/513 to arrange for a driving test without the need to attend any driving lessons.  The test can be conducted at a location convenient to the the driver. Upon passing this test, the driver will be issued with a Class 2B licence. Drivers with Class 2 driving licence are not required to undergo the driving test.